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02/20/17 - Long over due update time. First, Shelf is now available on cd. Like us on facebook for a chance to get your FREE copy. Second, a new video for "H_ng M_n" has been streaming on youtube. Our most complex video to date, to go along with the deepest track from the EP. Stream from the video section, or click here

12/01/16 - It's finally done. The new Ep from Gizzard Cubed entitled "Shelf" is now available for streaming and download! Also released is the first video "Leaky Boat" Enjoy!
Album Stream
Leaky Boat video

09/24/16 - THe new EP is finished! Release will be soon!

04/16/16 - Things have been busy in the world of gizzards and cubes! Recording has finally finshed for the forth comming EP "SHELF" and mixing is well under way. Stay tuned, because this ones comming quick!

04/11/16 - Hooly (reDucks) now has a video for your streaming pleasure. Showcasing 3/4s of Gizzard Cubed, the video was shot this past week at That Guy's Studio. Check it out in the Music section! (or https://youtu.be/Tf4JRNRbf6s

02/07/16 - Website launched! New track Hooly (reDucks) available for streaming/download off of Soundcloud. Give it a listen. Tell your friends to listen. Make new friends just so you can tell them to listen too!